1950s White Jellyfish Fight Earrings
1950s White Jellyfish Fight Earrings
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1950s White Jellyfish Fight Earrings

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White Jellyfish Fight

 When I was a kid in the 1950s August was jellyfish month. That was when white and red jellyfish would wash in everyday on the incoming tide. For us guys it was a perfect opportunity to have jellyfish fights. Waist deep in water out among the waves we would toss, throw and heave jellyfish at one another. We had rules, only white jellyfish, never touch a red, never ever throw a red. On occasion slip a white one down an unsuspecting guy’s bathing suit. It was great fun and some of the highest spirited moments of summer. We all knew the rules white was fair game, until Diane from Connecticut showed up. She hadn’t gotten the memo. Whites floating in the incoming tide were 10 to 1 over reds, reds were rare. She started off with whites. Tossed like the rest of us. We held our ground. Then she picked up a red, tossed it and it stung. She found another red by chance and gave it a heave too. We cried foul, called her on it. No reds! No reds! She kept it up and we scattered. After the competition we explained the rules. She had noticed her hands stinging.

This particular type of jellyfish is a Man of War. It’s serious in any color with all the tentacles. Our Maine jellyfish were a smaller, gentler variety. This Man of War Jellyfish design is kinetically active, alive with three crystal bead tentacles, two silver bead tentacles and four long swirly silver tentacles. This is a dangerous jellyfish.
Wear it and you mark your territory. Wear it and you draw the line. Wear this and you win the competition. Top dog. Dangerous lady. It says boundaries and edges it says serious rules and keep your distance. I think this is the single most menacing piece of jewelry we have ever presented. Wear it and you will feel a power you have never felt before. Its energy makes a statement. Says something about you, that words may never quite convey. Think about what you’re going to wear when you put this on. Think about where you are going to go when you wear this, compliments maybe, conversation starter absolutely. This piece is powerful. Be warned. It’s part of our “Gutsy, Bold & Brave” collection. Man of War jellyfish is carved from Indonesian cow bone.
Earrings are the most kinetically active. Add the Man of War Necklace for an extra kick.

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