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As Big as the Polar Sky

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As Big as the Polar Sky
As Delicate a Color
As a Tropical Butterfly’s Wing

This gem is a gothic romance novel, night time in the Scottish Highlands, out walking among the heather, early winter, no snow yet. The land is earthy brown. I see the Vikings 1000 AD Norway Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, looking to the north seeing ribbons of blue-green-gold weaving through the night sky… looking up trying to understand these mysterious lights of the heavens.

At mid-earth, the equator, the Brazilian rainforest. A large wing, blue-black butterfly lights upon a banana leaf. Raindrops fall from the tree canopy. Far above sun breaks through. Everything is steamy and warm. In the filtered light the butterfly keeps rhythm, opens and closes its wings, wants to dry before it flies, on its iridescent blue wings.

This is labradorite, a mysterious iridescent blue gem found in Labrador. It possesses a blue-green-yellow color that looks like twilight in a forest of bare branched November trees, the northern lights, butterfly wings, hummingbird, pheasant, and peacock feathers. It is the gothic romance novel of gems.

Look closely at each piece. If you think you see fault lines, threads and feathers running through these gems you are right. It’s part of the nature of the gem. We refer to them as spider webs and where you have spider webs you’ll have spiders. Some spiders are visible as dark spots.

We have small, medium and large sizes and one crop each season of 20 -30 pieces. When the crop is gone we will wait until next year for the next crop.

Each Polar Sky tropical Butterfly Stone is photographed on a hand to show size. Framed in sterling silver, comes with an 18-inch sterling silver snake chain.

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