Blue Moon Whale Tail Necklace
Blue Moon Whale Tail Necklace
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Blue Moon Whale Tail Necklace

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Blue Moon
Whale Tail

It’s 5:02pm May 4th, 2017. I’m looking out the window at a blue sky and blue sea. I’m still waiting for a whale to breach, dive and frolic in the sea off of Portland Head Light. From where I sit I can see out to the horizon line where in the summer whale boats take tourists to see whales feeding during their migration to the north. Once in a blue moon I’m sure one comes close to shore and while I’m not watching all the time I know they are out there.

Pendant Blue Moon, blue topaz at the top, crescent moon mother of pearl to the left. Whale tail disappearing beneath the waves all framed in sterling silver. Whale Tail carved from 15,000 year old ancient Mammoth tusk. 18-inch Cross Petite Tiff Chain.
Blue Moon Whale Tail  Necklace     CA172     $215.00