Hornet Necklace
Hornet Necklace
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Hornet Necklace

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Symbol of Fiercely Guarding Nest and Home

We’ve all been stung. It’s quick, sharp, piercing and so very sudden. There is the surprise and certainty and always a measure of regret. Emotions run high.

Charge any social occasion with extra energy. Dress it up for the evening…. classy, classic attire, simple clean lines, black is always appropriate. Wear the Hornet out for the evening guaranteed at least a dozen comments you hear.

Big and bold with bands of butterscotch amber alternating with honey gold amber. Two brilliant-amber eyes and a two sided design. 2-inch wing tip, to tip of tail. Sterling silver 18-inch snake chain.

Hornet Necklace     CA149     $185.00