Leave Bees in Peace and Harmony
Leave Bees in Peace and Harmony
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Leave Bees in Peace and Harmony

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Leave Bees
In Peace and Harmony


This is a beautiful, lovely, lyrical piece of jewelry. This is also a haunting, chilling piece for the stories it tells. The first part of our story is that the six links are made from ancient 15,000 year old Mammoth ivory tusks, an ancient ice age elephant, now extinct. What happened was related to global warming, the Mammoth’s world warmed, it simply went away. A cautionary tale, it came slowly and took thousands of years. Human interaction finished most of the last ones off. The six links, in various shades, are made from this ancient elephant ivory.

The bee is a different story. The body is made from ancient elephant ivory. The bee’s story, however, is darker. Colony collapse…. something that is occurring during our lifetime that is weakening bees worldwide. Emerging evidence is pointing toward chemicals used in agriculture, on our lawns, chemicals found in practically everything we make and use. Bees and butterflies are our mine canaries. Are we listening? Can we hear what they are trying to tell us? This is a political piece of jewelry. Yes, you may consider it because it’s pretty, the deeper reasons though that I think you are deciding to buy this piece of jewelry it that you too sense that bees are in jeopardy and are important, as is all life in our planet. Wear this as one of our key keepers and protectors of our planet. Wear this as a talisman reminding you that the can of bug spray you keep in your garage could be the aerosol equivalent of the spears used in the last Wooly Mammoth hunts.

 We don’t know precisely the cause, but the evidence keeps coming in that something is happening. Your votes at the ballot box in November determines if funding continues to study the consequences of the chemical world in which we have surrounded ourselves.

Bracelet is all sterling silver with toggle and three adjustment rings, 7 – 8 inches
Three ancient Mastadon links plus three ancient Walrus links, bee charm body ancient Mastadon, golden bronze accents, red garnet at head of bee.


Leave Bees in Peach and Harmony Bracelet     CA135     $295.00