Love on the Rapids of Life Pin/Pendant
Love on the Rapids of Life Pin/Pendant
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Love on the Rapids of Life Pin/Pendant

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Love on the
Rapids of Life

Ever been in love? Of course you have. You’ve got to admit it’s a wild ride. Ever go river rafting? They scare you. They warn you. They tell you about rocks, rapids, whirlpools and what to do when you’re thrown out and what not to do. They give you a life jacket, a crash helmet and a paddle and ask you to sign a paper that says you accept all risks. Boat sets into a smooth part of the river, like the first date, and you’re off. When you look back on the trip what you remember is the plunge, the pull, water over the bow the swirls, the froth and foam, the standing waves and boiling water, the cliffs, the sudden impossible moments water in all directions.

Love is kind of like river rafting. Love is the rapids of life. Many hesitate with a heart because it’s too sweet. This one is wild. Genuine garnet focused red at the crest of the wave. Gold swirls curling around, flickering sunshine, golden bronze detail. A water slide swish of prehistoric walrus tusk. A sweep of cross currents in silver then six whirlpools sweep down then dollops of bronze gold rain down. Made as a pin in sterling silver with golden bronze accents. Looped in back to accommodate an 18” snake chain.

Love on the Rapids of Life Pin/Pendant     CA150     $245.00