Spirals in Time Necklace
Spirals in Time Necklace
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Spirals in Time Necklace

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Spirals in Time
Ancient Fossil Ammonite
and Eight Wild Sterling Spirals

 I realize there are others out there who are into spirals. Whoever you are, I get it. You know something, you understand something, you feel something about spirals that others do not. Of course we live in a spiral galaxy spinning about in our solar system out on one of the extremities of a spiral arm travelling 43,000 miles per hour in the big spin.

One of earth’s most successful creatures the ammonite spiraled its way through ancient seas for more than 300 million years. Here we show a perfectly preserved fossil ammonite surrounded in sterling silver and at its open end eight little silver spirals. You will come to recognize this as the best spiral on spiral ever made. Hand crafted using a Morrocan ammonite fossil each piece reflects the unique fossil and is a one of a kind unique piece of jewelry.
Spirals in Time
Ancient Fossil Ammonite with 8 small sterling silver spirals 18” snake chain
Three Spiral Guarantees
Wear this piece.

Guarantee #1   I guarantee if you’re travelling in a new crowd you’ll get a dozen comments and compliments every day.

Guarantee #2   Brush upon your ammonite history and geology. You will be asked questions. Did you know the largest Ammonite grew to be over six feet in diameter?

Guarantee #3   This will become your favorite piece of spiral jewelry first for its beauty and its uniqueness and second for its power to draw interesting people to you.

When people compliment you say thank you. When people ask about the piece simply say it’s an ancient fossil 250 million years old called Ammonite. Then stop. Listen. Accept the compliments. Don’t over talk it. Allow its mystery to become a part of you. Mystery is good. This is a powerful piece.

Spirals in Time Necklace     CA140     $225.00