Polar Bears and Cod Necklace
Polar Bears and Cod Necklace
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Polar Bears and Cod Necklace

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The Earth, Its Oceans, the Food Chain,
Polar Bears and Cod

Dire predictions. Coral reefs fried, melting glaciers, rising seas, the Seychelles Islands slipping beneath the waves, fishing fleets scooping everything that swims out of the ocean. Starfish and sea urchins disappearing from beaches… the list goes on and on.

Do we crowd all the animals out, dominate the earth, create zoos to keep samples of earth life examples of what earth was like? Do we arrive at the point that we declare we have achieved dominance over all the earth and that we are the winners and the only mammalian species left out of zoos. Leave a planet that is habitable with enough fish to swim in the sea.
Polar bear carved from 15,000-year-old Arctic Circle mammoth tusk, sterling silver bail and codfish.

Polar Bear and Cod Pendant     CA158     $145.00