Sea Otter Necklace
Sea Otter Necklace
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Sea Otter Necklace

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Sea Otter

In the mornings of late spring, summer and fall, I go down to the cliffs to sit, to see, to watch, to wait and write. I go with no time frame, no specific reason, no intention other than I go, to simply be with the sea. I watch the waves, the tide flooding or falling. I watch the sun rise. I watch the sparkly light on the water. I watch and wait for whatever comes.
On this morning I saw a creature moving toward the shore, head and body breaking the surface, coming fast. At first I thought it was a seal. It was steady and easy and held to the surface. Then I thought fish, but no, I’d never seen a fish hold to the surface or been this smooth. I just watched it swim closer and then it approached a rock.   It flipped smoothly, easily, naturally. Its coat glistening wet. I watched with intensity. I’d never seen a creature like this. I was mesmerized and I just watched. It played, it circled, it dove, it was pure joy and every time it approached a cliff it would flip.
The creature was 25-30’ away. Total time was 2, perhaps 3 minutes. It finally swam out around the cliff and headed down shore. It was the happiest most joyous animal I’d ever seen in the sea.
Everything about this necklace captures the joyousness of the little sea otter. The view is the sea otter in the flipped position on its back, paws crossed with a starfish on its belly. It rides on a cradle of waves with a swirl of water in sterling silver. The snake chain is 18” or 20” long with a 2” adjustable section.
The piece is all sterling silver. The sea otter is hand carved from ancient Arctic Circle Mammoth tusk. The color of the tusk this otter is carved from is chocolate brown. Color can vary according to the color of the tusk.
Wear this piece for its pure simple joy, for the positive energy it holds. Wear it for the child within and as you wear this piece share the joy with whomever you meet.
The Otter in his Sea Cradle is 1 3/4” from left to right.

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