Sea Turtle Bracelet
Sea Turtle Bracelet
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Sea Turtle Bracelet

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Sea Turtle
and Earth’s Eternal Seas Bracelet

This bracelet is so powerful is messes with the mind. Let’s start with the key element, the sea turtle. An ancient creature in its own right, left over from prehistoric times. An armored reptile carved of walrus ivory marked with a silver swish and two mystic swirls. Then we have two starfish fossils millions of years old, then a textured starfish again carved from walrus ivory and then a single walrus ivory cabochon at the center. All creatures of a saltwater world from ancient to contemporary all this brings us to the earth’s eternal sea its shallow shores and deepest oceans.
Close your eyes and listen to the sound of the sea of the last several million years this bracelet is that broad to encompass it all. Sterling silver bracelet with toggle clasp.

Sea Turtle and Earth's Eternal Seas Bracelet     CA133     $445.00