This Spiral is Genius Necklace
This Spiral is Genius Necklace
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This Spiral is Genius Necklace

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This Spiral is Genius
It Belongs in the Museum of Modern Art

 If this were a painting I would hang it on my wall. If this were a sculpture I would walk around it in the park. I would come back in the early morning to see how the rising sun played across the surface. I would visit this sculpture at high noon and sit on a park bench with a cheese burger, ketchup, mustard and relish and a Coca Cola in a glass bottle to watch how tourists respond. I would come back on nights of the full moon to see how moon beams play with its dusky surface and to study the depth of shadows within the silver spiral.

It’s not a painting and not a sculpture; it’s a piece of fine art jewelry. The rectangle is 1 ¾ x 1 ¼”. Its surface is artfully folded with a wire brush finish. In the lower left corner is a five channel spiral. It’s all sterling silver on an 18-inch snake chain.

The artist, I wish I knew his or her identity. Who she or he is has been kept a secret I don’t know why. The piece though is beautiful. It’s at home in a gallery opening, a museum gala, at the opera. It travels well in a sophisticated crowd. It feels at home wherever you go it feels at home when you’re happy to be there.
Genius Spiral Necklace    CA180     $175