True Lovers Moon Necklace
True Lovers Moon Necklace
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True Lovers Moon Necklace

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True Lovers moon
While you were still sleeping
Thin slice of crescent moon

In your lifetime you will most likely be asleep just over 800 mornings as the thinnest slice of a left facing crescent moon hangs in the western sky. The temptation will be to roll over put your arm around someone you love and sleep another hour. Few of us will ever see most of those wisps of silver in the morning sky because morning dream time and your lover have a more powerful pull than the early morning moon.

Sterling silver variegated beaded surfaces from top of bail to bottom tip of the crescent moon, 18" sterling silver snake chain. This left facing crescent moon with its sharp point is best to take off before you go to bed.
Note: the crescent moon we see in the eastern sky in the evening is a right facing moon.


True Lovers Moon Necklace    CA160     $165.00