Unlimited Possibilities Necklace
Unlimited Possibilities Necklace
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Unlimited Possibilities Necklace

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Unlimited Possibilities
Plant Moon Stars

Our boundaries expand. Space is in the news every day. Space X is rewriting the rules. What seemed impossible 10 years ago is becoming an everyday experience. It is now common to see a rocket launch and then return to earth and settle gently upright on the launch pad. We say yes this and so much more is possible. Our Unlimited Possibilities Necklace is Mars and one of its moons with stars out beyond. We’ve had space craft and rovers exploring Mars soon man or woman will walk the surface. It’s coming.

Parabolic disk 1 ½” across large white pearl small black pearl, background antiqued gray, 18-inch snake chain all sterling silver.

Unlimited Possibilities Necklace     CA186     $175.00