Whale Tail - Diving Necklace
Whale Tail - Diving Necklace
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Whale Tail - Diving Necklace

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Whale Tail…Diving

For 38 years I have lived on the edge pf the North Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Maine. I have powerful vortex binoculars and from my 3rd floor I can see more than 30 miles out to sea. During the summer, twice a day, the whale watching boats head out to sea and pass by the cliffs in front of my house. The cliffs plunge down offshore and water depths here are 60, 80, 100 feet deep. Water deep enough to easily float a whale. In 38 years of watching I’ve never seen a whale off my shore. One of these days I’ve got to catch a whale boat out to the edge of the horizon because the feeding grounds for whales are out there just off shore. The Gulf of Maine is abundant with food and life for the many thousands of whales that migrate north in the summer.

I have seen whales come to the surface out by Monhegan Island just 50 miles up the coast. I’d like to see them off my shore.

This is a full, plump, powerful whale tail carved from ancient Mastodon ivory, beaded trim end of tail, swirls and beads on top, sterling silver 18-inch chain.

Whale Tail...Diving Necklace     CA151     $225.00